and this is why I love film over digital

I was so stoked to shoot with Mark Mann the other week.  His photography is amazing, and we both got to geek out over our love of instant film.  Meredith, his Graflex and him are trying to get to Mexico via Kickstarter.  The “Lucha Libre” project is definitely worthy of your donation!

The shoot we did was to highlight my tattoos, which haven’t been shot since Sean Ryan did a few years ago in Toronto.

Since the film is instant, there was very little post on these, just some cleanup/descratching.  I’m beyond pleased with the images, and it just goes to show the amazing skill Mark has with this camera.

** all tattoos done by Lacie Frain of Phoenix Tattoo in Raleigh, NC**



  1. jjhausman

    nice ink scrawled over the canvas of your porcelain skin. curlicue decorations imprinted on your rounds and curves. that’s the indelible art right there.

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