The dead, the gross, and the metal!!

I’ve been asked to do some gnarly makeup for some Brooklyn events recently.

The Brooklyn Zombie crawl took over the streets of Bedford, much to the dismay of pretty much every black car in Williamsburg.  Public Assembly wrapped up the crawl with some crazy acts including Fucking Bullshit, a punk cover band with my buddies Smo and Brian fronted by Igor who also photographed the whole event (photos below are his, hire him for your party especially if there’s boobs)

Long story short I got to do some zombie makeup on my friends who went to the event


and a Gilbert Godfrey impersonator?


The band came to a consensus that metal is cooler than the undead so corpse paint it was!



Which they immediately sweated off…


They rocked, they concussed themselves, they racked up damages to stage equipment.


Check out Igor’s full coverage of the event at his blog:

From GG Allin to gallery art…

Alex Pardee is an amazing artist with a flair for puns rivaling my dad’s.  I’ve gotten to know him through his girlie and amazing photographer Chloe Rice (source of the photos below.  Hire her for everything especially if there’s boobs).  I got a last minute call to transform Alex into Tu’Maury Povich for his ‘Tu’mor or not Tu’mor’ show at Cotton Candy Machine and how could I say no!


With the addition of a googley eye from Chloe’s endless purse supply, the tumor took on its own personality and definite creepiness…


he’d grown quite attached to Alex and was pretty sad to be extracted at the end of the night

The real attraction though was the game show hosted by Tu’Maury Povich and Vanna White Blood Cell.


They’re both better bloggers than I so check out their coverage of the opening.


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