King of Diamonds

Recently my super rad boyfriend Smo, who animates at Titmouse (you know those Adult Swim guys), was in the Printmouse show at Bunnycutlet Gallery in Brooklyn with his “King of Diamond” print.  You can buy it here553337_10100419934649635_1734678601_n-1

king-diamond-29247In support I used Metal Cakes’ (She’s a rad baker out of Chicago making metal band themed cupcakes) “Saint Vitus black batter white batter” to make a King Diamond variety.  I know we’re mixing bands here, but it seemed so appropriate.  After finding card suit cupcake holders I dove into this amazing recipe.

ImageImageImageTo make the King Diamond faces i used white fondant rolled and cut with the open end of a glass, and black icing for the design.  A small ball of fondant and a drop of icing makes his penetrating and sometimes elated expression. I had sparkly black lying around, and I find it oddly appropriate.


Had to get both corpse paint varieties in.Image

Just to round it all out, I gave him his own corpse paint to match.  There was so much Diamond happening at the opening, I don’t think most people knew what to do with it.


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