Party is in the eye of the Be(er)holder

Last night was the first of many birthday parties for Smo’s 30th!

So some of our bravest friends joined us on a quest to the dungeons of Saint Vitus to defeat the dreaded Beholder.  D20’s at the ready!


Smo designs all his own party fliers.

Smo used Metalcakes’ Red Velvet Horse for the beholder batter (which was the richest most wonderful thing) and because he’s awesome he made it vegan and gluten-free!  We whipped up some bright green icing and Smo made a green pudding filler for each one of the eyes.  Food should always be this awesome and gross.

We based the design on his illustration from the flyer. It took 3 8″ rounds (wish they were 9″) and 12 cupcakes.

The first 2 are layered and the 3rd is cut and half, layered and shaped to make the lower jaw, then covered with fondant, leaving a hole where the main eye would go for the gusher filling.

photo 3

We used up a 2lb tub of ivory fondant that was colored for each section.  Violet, red-red and a bit of black for the main body, a bright blue for the eyes, red-red for the tongue, leaf green for his spots (as well as the icing and gusher filler) and a violet and black for the inner mouth.

photo 4

photo 2

We got to this point, realized it was 3 am, and decided I’d finish it up in the morning.

I added the tendrils connecting the eyes, as well as some purple edible glitter because why the hell not.

DSC_0082 DSC_0085 DSC_0086

photo 2

With Smo leading us into the fight we totally kicked it’s butt!

(insta photo by iprincevaliant)

photo 3

Ben‘s battle tactics.

(insta photo by jamesvec)

photo 4

(insta photo by tommyrocket)

photo 1

I think it was a pretty awesome last night of your 20’s.

(insta photo by mrcmyr)



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